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Jaume Plensa is known for his poetic approach to sculpture. He produces works of art that evoke silence and inward reflection, engaging in a creative practice informed by his deep interest in the physical manifestation of spiritual energy. On view in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's State Street Gallery, Jaume Plensa: Talking Continents is an enveloping installation of suspended steel forms that appear to transcend their own physical weight and volume, and instead convey lightness, translucence, and fluidity. In keeping with the artist’s concept of sculpture as the spiritualization of matter, this floating body of work transforms the gallery into a space for contemplation.
In December, 2017 Art & Sons, where I was an intern, was hired to create a book dedicated to this exhibit. The 32-page book would contain a foreword by the museum director, an essay by the curator, and stunning photography of the exhibit itself. With collaboration from the Sons, I was given the opportunity to take the lead on this project. In addition, I created several GIFs to advertise the final weekend of the show in the gallery in mid-April.