Art Direction // Branding
'The most precious of gems are formed under immense heat and pressure over time, brought into the light, and polished until they shine. I think this is an apt metaphor for college.'  – Portfolio Show branding pitch
SHINE, the concept that I pitched, was chosen by faculty and students as the theme for the Madison College Spring 2018 Portfolio Show. With production assistance from my partner, I designed the logo and invitations, and art directed the creation of all other print, digital, and environmental assets for the show. The invitations were foil stamped by Madison Cutting Die. 
I wanted to bring the excitement and vibrancy from the Graphic Design program into the visual style of our Portfolio Show. We've all come a long way and grown as both individuals and artists, and it was time to present 'our most polished selves' to the community. SHINE brought great energy to the show with bright colors and abstract visuals, while maintaining a refined style indicative of our capabilities as designers. 
+ with assistance from Devan Brekke